Archived Sermons

December 2016

The Baby is a Boy
“Ponderous Pondering – Christmas Eve Litany.”
“How Heaven Sees Us.”
“Can You See It”
“We Have this Enormous Kneed”

November 2016

“Are Your Toes on the Line?”
These are My Favorite Things
Old is Better
It is Difficult to Keep On Keeping On

October 2016

Are There Two?
Followers of the Way: Are You Ready for That?
Followers of the Way: One Mustard Seed at a Time
Followers of the Way: “What We Get”
Followers of the Way: Hearts of Purity

September 2016

Followers of the Way: Hearts of Purity
Sept. 18 – Guest Speaker Rev’d Bob Hoem – No Printed Sermon
Sept. 11 – Guest Speaker Rev’d Bob Hoem – No Printed Sermon

August 2016

Followers of the Way: What does it mean, Jesus?
Followers of the Way: Be Merciful
Followers of the Way: Blessed is Poverty?
Followers of the Way: Sermon on the Mount

July 2016

Guest Speaker, Mr. Tom Wilson of the United Methodist Foundation.
The Way of Jesus: Solid Ground
When People Look at You What Do They See?
Sacrifical Love
Are we One yet?

June 2016

Can You Spare a Dime?
Our Anchor in the Storm
Who is Your Family?
The New You

May 2016

Are You Hungry?
High and Lifted Up
The Wild and Crazy Holy Spirit
Forget About It
Will You Accept the Call?

April 2016

Who is Your Friend?
True Love
Scupting a Shepherd

March 2016

From Darkness to Light – Resurrection Sunday
Which Way Are We Facing? – Good Friday
Bloody Doorposts – A Maundy Thursday Homily
Don’t Rain on My Parade!
How Much is Too Much?
Thanks, I Needed That!

February 2016

Wounded Healer
Are You Afraid?
Are You Trustworthy?
Confession Brings Joy – Ash Wednesday
Let The Music Move You

January 2016

All In The Family
How to Read a Book
Who Do You Owe?
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Three, Not Five Guys!

December 2015

What’s In A Name?
Are You Hearing Voices?
Out of This World
Ordinary People

November 2015

Small Wonders
Love is Not a Many Splintered Thing!
Have You Flown Over the Cookoo Nest?
Are You Snake Bit?


I Want What I Want and I Want It Now!
Did Someone Get Your Goat?
Knowing When to Hold On; When to Let Go (Sermon given by Rev’d Bill Smith)
Is You In or Is You Out?

September 2015

Who is That with You?
Why Do We Look for Easy Answers?
Rejoice in the Lord
Do You Have Happy Feet?

August 2015

Are You Wearning a Mask?
Why Do Lemmings Run?
Why Do People Suffer?
Will You Give Me A Hand?
Will You Give Me a Hand?

July 2015

Jesus is Just Alright with Me
Symbols and St. Nicholas
Anonymous Believers
Whats in Your Wallet

June 2015

Where Are You On the Courage Spectrum?
Have You Got the Mustard?
The Family is Idol-ing
June 7 – Exile and Homecoming – (Pastor Bill Smith)

May 2015

A Followers Prayer
One or the Other
Are You Fulfilled?
Darkness and Light
Let Everything that Has Breath

April 2015

When Our Yes Means Yes
We Don’t Get What we Deserve
Harder and Harder
What Do You See? – Easter Sunday
The Forgiving King – Good Friday
Bloody Doorposts – Maundy Thursday

March 2015

Walking with Joseph
God Cashes In
Snake on a Stick
Is Lent too Difficult?
God Wonders Me

February 2015

God’s Grace is Different
Our Need for God’s Mercy – An Ash Wednesday Homily
Leading as a Servant
Healed to Heal
Leading Like Jesus – A Communion Meditation

January 2015

Time Out
Is that God’s Voice?
Remember and Forget

December 2014

Is it Really Over?
Longing for Peace – A Christmas Eve Homily
Why the Incarnation?
Bah Humbug
What is Hope?

November 2014

What Are We Serching For?
To Bleed or Not to Bleed
Is Jesus Awake in You
What Binds Us

October 2014

Hannah’s Shoes
All You Need is Love
Fast Friends
How to Get New Lips

September 2014

Living in the Mindfulness of Praise
Sep. 14 – How Much is Enough? (Sermon given by Rev’d Bill Smith)
Sep. 21 – Pastor Wayne on Vacation – Sermon Given by Rev’d Bill Smith)
Living as Jesus

August 2014

The Power of Words
Role Reversal
Called to be Disciples
Do Not Be Conformed
When is Faith like the Art of Medicine?

July 2014

What’s in a Miracle
Earthly things, Wombs, and the Resurrection of the dead
Getting Smashed for Jesus
Why Hope and Flavorless Optimism Are Not The Same Thing

June 2014

Let Every Soul Be Jesus Guest
Lost Heroes
Love and Suffering
Undeserved Suffering Redeems
Children, Insecurity and the Lap of God

May 2014

Jesus Rolling His Eyes
Why the Gospel is More Wizard of Oz-y than the Law
On Jesus Loving Us So Much He Wants to Throw Up
Its OK. I’ll Go First

April 2014

Three Times a Loser
A Passion Week Welcome
With Whom Do You Celebrate?
The Voices of Good Friday
Life with the Risen Christ
Kyrie, Peter’s Shame and the God of Easter

March 2014

Faith, Lament and Mom’s Necklace
Ash Wednesday Homily
I am The Bread of Life
I am The Gate
I am the Good Shepherd
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

February 2014

Thank You
Walls and Hope and the Abraham Mosque
A True Friend Loves at all Times
Salty Dogs

January 2014

How Totally Uncool We Are
Losers, Amish and the Reign of Christ
Why Jesus’ Words Should Come with a Warning Label
Pimping the Poor