United Methodist Committee on Relief

As each of us shelters in place to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we cannot help but be impacted by the scale of illness, death, and financial distress all around us. We could even be led to believe that this is a hopeless situation. But, thank God, that is not true!

Together, we can give compassion and care to others in this time of great need.

Since the start of the novel coronavirus outbreak, UMCOR has been working with health boards, medical professionals, disaster management coordinators, and faith leaders to prevent the further spread of this disease. Now it is clear that the impact of COVID-19 will be far-reaching and demands a greater response.

Even as you shelter in place, you can be there for others.

The new UMCOR COVID-19 Response fund will equip partners in the U.S. and around the world to assist our most vulnerable populations. Grants from this fund will be disbursed quickly and efficiently to address health concerns, food insecurity, water and hygiene limitations, and other pressing needs.

When you say “yes” to supporting the UMCOR COVID-19 Response, you will help bring God’s love to life for those who need it most.

Join the UMCOR COVID-19 Response with your gift today.

Give to the most vulnerable
who don’t have a safety net and need compassion and care as a result of the pandemic.
You are part of an extraordinary legacy of undauntable human beings—people of action, people of compassion, people of mercy.

UMCOR was founded by courageous men and women who did not sit idly by when confronted with World War II and unprecedented global humanitarian crisis. They took extraordinary action to do what they could to alleviate human suffering.

458 Ponce De Leon Ave, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Need Help? donationhelp@umcmission.org
Have questions? 800.862.4246

To give by check, please send checks payable to Advance GCFA to:
Global Ministries | UMCOR
P.O. BOX 9068
NEW YORK, NY 10087-9068

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