Prayer Request

Prayer is a vital part of the life of any Christian. We, at Ocean Shores United Methodist Church, believe that God can and does answer prayer. One of the ministries of our church is an active prayer chain. Members of the prayer chain are notified of requests for prayer and those requests are expressed to God. If you have a request for prayer please complete the following form so we can include your request along with those of the members of our congregation.

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Or call 289-0201.

Electronic and voice mails are confidential.
Help me Lord
To avoid the deathly existence that is possible every day
When personal finances are in a wreck
When boredom sucks the joy out of living
When dead-tired exhaustion does not yield
When depression seems to leave hope a distant memory
When the loss of a loved one takes the light out of one’s own life
When the diagnosis of serious illness adds to worry about the future
When a regret about something that cannot be taken back adds to damage done
We have not experienced death ourselves
But we know something of deathly kinds of living
Sometimes hope appears to have died
Jesus Christ bears for us all the sin
All the pain
All the grief and loss
All the loneliness
All the depression
Christ has borne it all
Help me have faith
For much seems so impossible to understand