Pastor Wayne’s Sermons

May 2017

“What Freedom Does for Us”
“How to Live Freely”
“Come, Holy Spirit”

April 2017

The Little Known Disciple
“Christian Socialism”
“Is That You?”
Glory to God in the Highest – Maunday Thursday
“Jesus Goes for a Ride”
Are We in the Cuckoo-Cuckoo’s Nest

March 2017

“It’s All Your Fault!”
“Are You a Fence-Walker?”
“Honesty is the Best Policy”
“Water Treatment”

February 2017

Feb 25 – Guest Speaker Rev’d Bob Hoem – No Printed Sermon
“You Are More Than Good Enough”
“Is Your Boat Rocking”
“What is Our Worth?”

January 2017

“Are Your Bones Dry?”
“A New Way of Looking at Things”
“The Human and the Define…”
“What Gets Your Goat!”
“Truth and Grace”

December 2016

The Baby is a Boy
“Ponderous Pondering – Christmas Eve Litany.”
“How Heaven Sees Us.”
“Can You See It”
“We Have this Enormous Kneed”

November 2016

“Are Your Toes on the Line?”
These are My Favorite Things
Old is Better
It is Difficult to Keep On Keeping On

October 2016

Are There Two?
Followers of the Way: Are You Ready for That?
Followers of the Way: One Mustard Seed at a Time
Followers of the Way: “What We Get”
Followers of the Way: Hearts of Purity

September 2016

Followers of the Way: Hearts of Purity
Sept. 18 – Guest Speaker Rev’d Bob Hoem – No Printed Sermon
Sept. 11 – Guest Speaker Rev’d Bob Hoem – No Printed Sermon

August 2016

Followers of the Way: What does it mean, Jesus?
Followers of the Way: Be Merciful
Followers of the Way: Blessed is Poverty?
Followers of the Way: Sermon on the Mount

July 2016

Guest Speaker, Mr. Tom Wilson of the United Methodist Foundation.
The Way of Jesus: Solid Ground
When People Look at You What Do They See?
Sacrifical Love
Are we One yet?

June 2016

Can You Spare a Dime?
Our Anchor in the Storm
Who is Your Family?
The New You

May 2016

Are You Hungry?
High and Lifted Up
The Wild and Crazy Holy Spirit
Forget About It
Will You Accept the Call?


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