Pastor Wayne’s Sermons

June 2018

Pastor Wayne Has Retired

Posting of Sermons Suspended

Is Heavenly Wisdom Any Good?

There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way.

May 2018

What You See Is Not Always Reality.

Falling Apart or Falling In?

Trial By Fire

Silly Stigma.

April 2018 2018

May I Be Me?

The Challanging Order

Are You Sheepish?

“What’s Next?”

See What You Believe

March 2018

“Are You on Auto Pilate” Good Friday Homily

Hanging Ten – Maundy Thursday

To Pray, to Forgive, and to Eat.

Are You Redeemed?

Who is God?

Is It Fascination or Faith?

February 2018

Nocturnal Fantasies

“Standing in the Need….”

“The First Look is Free”

The Easy Way or The Hard Way

January 2018

In The Steps of Jesus

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

“New Beginnings”

“In The Beginning”

December 2017

“A word to the Wise”

“Blue Bloods.”

“Honor in Blue.”

“Are You Singing the Blues?”

November 2017

‘Are You Alert?’

“God is Good All the Time.”

“Redemption Center”

When the Saints go Marching In

October 2017

We Are What We Do

We Really Do Need Each Other

Can We Be Wise and Good?

Forgiveness as Gift

Look Up!

September 2017

“Are You Good or Bad?”

“Empty or Filled?”

“Amazing Grace”

Knowledge Comes, but Wisdom Lingers”

August 2017

“Are You Closed In?”

“Are You In Position?”

“The Dancing Fool”

“Are You Fully Human?

July 2017

The People’s Prayer

“Am I Astounded?”

“He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”

“Dream, Dream, Dream”

What’s in a Name?

June 2017

“Love Lets the Ledger of Life Stay Unbalanced”

“What are Godly Expectations?

Jun. 11 – Guest Speaker Rev’d Bob Hoem – No Printed Sermon

“For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free”


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