March 30 – Need some inspiration today?

Embracing Hope
We are called to do small things with great love.
Mother Teresa
There is an abundance of troubling news that fills the airwaves of our lives. Today I heard Bishop Jakes state that we aren’t made to listen to non-stop news regarding the “Coronavirus.” I know that the endless news cycle around the virus doesn’t put me in a good place. Yes! It is important to know what is happening in our world so that we can insure safety for all those we love, but we need to look for hope and “God’s light” in places where good news is emerging.
A couple of years ago, I composed the following BLOG entry that I hope is hopeful for us during this time when we seek after God’s abundant light and love:
“I was reading Thomas Keating’s little book entitled, “The Human Condition: Contemplation and Transformation.” I said it was a little book but it is packed with an abundance of insight that I find refreshing. In the very first chapter, Keating offers the following story from Sufi literature:
“A sufi master had lost the key to his house and was looking for it in the grass outside. He got down on his hands and knees and started running his fingers through every blade of grass. Along came eight or ten of his disciples. They said, “Master, what is wrong?” He said, “I have lost the key to my house.” They said, “Can we help you find it?” He said, “I’d be delighted.” So they all got down on their hands and knees and started running their fingers through the grass. As the sun grew hotter, one of the more intelligent disciples said, “Master, have you any idea where you might have lost your keys?” The Master replied, “Of course. I lost it in the house.” To which they all exclaimed, “Then why are we looking for it out here?” He said, “Isn’t it obvious? There is more light here.” ( page 8)
Have you lost the keys to the true home where your heart dwells? And are you looking in the wrong place for the happiness that God desire for you? I’m still reflecting and I hope you are also.”
I am holding on to the promise that we will soon gather together and join our voices in singing “Shalom.”
Today’s inspirational Message
There is more light here!
Pastor Ronald R. P. Myers
Ocean Shores United Methodist Church
On the beautiful Washington Coast

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