March 28 – Need Some Inspiration Today?

Embracing Hope
Life isn’t about finding yourself
Life is about creating yourself
George Bernard Shaw
Everyday for the last four years, George Bernard Shaw (his quote is on a framed picture in our bathroom) has greeted me in the morning when I rise, and speaks to me as I prepare for bed. Lately, I have had more than ample opportunities to reflect on the quote since being “sheltered in place.” The one thought that has continuously surfaced for me and that I need to remember is that I am never alone.
I have discovered that God seeks to interrupt my loneliness by reminding me that I am divinely connected to a profound web of grace and community infused by love and light.
God invites me to be a co-partner in recreating new life each and everyday.
God gives me the power to leave behind my limiting and binding decisions and actions of my past, and to dare to embrace God’s promise of new life each and every day.
Day fourteen of “sheltered in place” is an opportunity to recreate and to celebrate the new life that I have in Christ.
The prophet Micah, Chapter 6, verse 8, provides insight into what is required to embrace God’s dream for our lives
“What does the Lord require of you? Seek Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly with God.
I need to hear this word because I want to be part of that “new creation” that God is accomplishing in me.
What about you?
Today’s inspirational Message
Pastor Ronald R. P. Myers
Ocean Shores United Methodist Church
On the beautiful Washington Coast

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