From the October Newsletter

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Recent research has shown that of all the important tasks of the infant, the most crucial is the search for, the finding of, and the creation of joyful, securely attached relationships. If there is no safety, there can be not security.

This is not a joy for joy’s sake, but joy is the primary indicator of a deep, mindful, intentional connection (Allen Schore). Leo Tolstoy wrote, “Life cannot have any other purpose than joy or goodness. Only this purpose—joy—is ultimately worth of life.” We are created for joy.

C. S. Lewis writes “…glory for humans hears that we are pleasing to the One whose pleasure we most long to fulfill. It is no more seen than when we hear our Master say, “Well done!”

The uniform theme here is joy. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the max, where are you on the joy scale?

See ya in Church.