From the July, 2015, Newsletter

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Every church leader is looking for the answer to “Why the church appears to be disappearing.” Some say that one of the reasons is that worship services lack something. It might just be experimentation. A kind of exchanging of the self for the Spirit.

Far too many churches have exchanged poetry for marketing, passion for excitement, and selfless ecstasy with self-conscious self-righteousness. Or, as Rabbi Rami Shapiro says, “Myth and story are mistaken for science and history. Teachings to wake you up are replaced by clichés that put you to sleep.

And music to dissolve the ego is traded for tackiness that reinforces it. And silence, where the soul finds growth, is not found at all. If faith is to be more than a business model or political tool it must return to its roots and use them to conquer ignorance, injustice, and uncritical thinking.

Se ya in church.