April 1 – Need some inspiration today?

Embracing Hope INSPIRATIONAL LIFE We are called to do small things with great love. Mother Teresa A VERY PERSONAL NOTE I ask for your prayers for my family April 1, 2020 Pastor Ron Myers Her text message to her sister and I was desperate as she texted, “I am going to call in few mins– SOS.”  My heart jumped right up into the center of my throat as it beat louder than the airplanes in the flight pattern over our house, and I waited for the call.  Rebekah is a mature young woman who carries a lot of responsibilities for her twenty-two years of age, and I could tell by her text that this was very different than before.  Ever since her mother’s death when she was a junior in high school, she had displayed an amazing depth of strength.  Despite her strength, I knew that underneath the surface was a young woman trying to keep it together.  She traveled from Anchorage, Alaska to attend the University New Mexico in Albuquerque.  She excelled at the University where she found a community that affirmed and supported her.  She had demonstrated incredible responsibility as the Student Body President in her senior year.  For almost a year now, ever since her graduation, she has been working at the University of New Mexico in the Human Resources Department.  Six months ago, she embraced an enormous responsibility.  She became the “Power of Attorney” for her, ninety-year old, grandfather.  Jim has been an important influencer in her young life. He has poured out unconditional love on both of his granddaughters. Both of my daughters adore their “corny, joke telling, silly song singing, grandpa.” Jim holds a special place in my heart.  Jim and I traveled the Alaska-Canada highway from Davenport, Iowa to Wasilla, Alaska in 1989.  Linda Jean and I had purchased a new car in Davenport for our extraordinary new life in Anchorage, Alaska.  Jim and I told terrible jokes and sang hokey songs along the way while spending the night in shady motels and drinking cheap quarts of beer.  Our wives weren’t necessary pleased with us when we didn’t call as we drove through the Yukon.  Later we would tell them that there weren’t telephones in that part of Canada, but they didn’t believe us.  The truth was that we were so caught up in the journey that we forgot about other responsibilities.  I loved my time with my father-in law.  Jim provided me with great strength, support and comfort following Linda Jean’s death though her death was just one month after his wife, Joan’s death. In the last six years Jim has lost his wife, Joan; his daughter, Linda Jean (my daughter’s mother); and his son, David.  Jim moved from his home of 50 years in Davenport, Iowa to Fort Scott, Kansas...

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March 30 – Need some inspiration today?

Embracing Hope INSPIRATIONAL LIFE We are called to do small things with great love. Mother Teresa There is an abundance of troubling news that fills the airwaves of our lives. Today I heard Bishop Jakes state that we aren’t made to listen to non-stop news regarding the “Coronavirus.” I know that the endless news cycle around the virus doesn’t put me in a good place. Yes! It is important to know what is happening in our world so that we can insure safety for all those we love, but we need to look for hope and “God’s light” in places where good news is emerging. A couple of years ago, I composed the following BLOG entry that I hope is hopeful for us during this time when we seek after God’s abundant light and love: “I was reading Thomas Keating’s little book entitled, “The Human Condition: Contemplation and Transformation.” I said it was a little book but it is packed with an abundance of insight that I find refreshing. In the very first chapter, Keating offers the following story from Sufi literature: “A sufi master had lost the key to his house and was looking for it in the grass outside. He got down on his hands and knees and started running his fingers through every blade of grass. Along came eight or ten of his disciples. They said, “Master, what is wrong?” He said, “I have lost the key to my house.” They said, “Can we help you find it?” He said, “I’d be delighted.” So they all got down on their hands and knees and started running their fingers through the grass. As the sun grew hotter, one of the more intelligent disciples said, “Master, have you any idea where you might have lost your keys?” The Master replied, “Of course. I lost it in the house.” To which they all exclaimed, “Then why are we looking for it out here?” He said, “Isn’t it obvious? There is more light here.” ( page 8) Have you lost the keys to the true home where your heart dwells? And are you looking in the wrong place for the happiness that God desire for you? I’m still reflecting and I hope you are also.” I am holding on to the promise that we will soon gather together and join our voices in singing “Shalom.” Today’s inspirational Message There is more light here! Pastor Ronald R. P. Myers Ocean Shores United Methodist Church On the beautiful Washington...

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March 28 – Need Some Inspiration Today?

Embracing Hope INSPIRATIONAL LIFE Life isn’t about finding yourself Life is about creating yourself George Bernard Shaw Everyday for the last four years, George Bernard Shaw (his quote is on a framed picture in our bathroom) has greeted me in the morning when I rise, and speaks to me as I prepare for bed. Lately, I have had more than ample opportunities to reflect on the quote since being “sheltered in place.” The one thought that has continuously surfaced for me and that I need to remember is that I am never alone. I have discovered that God seeks to interrupt my loneliness by reminding me that I am divinely connected to a profound web of grace and community infused by love and light. God invites me to be a co-partner in recreating new life each and everyday. God gives me the power to leave behind my limiting and binding decisions and actions of my past, and to dare to embrace God’s promise of new life each and every day. Day fourteen of “sheltered in place” is an opportunity to recreate and to celebrate the new life that I have in Christ. The prophet Micah, Chapter 6, verse 8, provides insight into what is required to embrace God’s dream for our lives “What does the Lord require of you? Seek Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly with God. I need to hear this word because I want to be part of that “new creation” that God is accomplishing in me. What about you? Today’s inspirational Message WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE OF YOU? Pastor Ronald R. P. Myers Ocean Shores United Methodist Church On the beautiful Washington...

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March 26 – Need some inspiration today?

Embracing Hope Alive in Christ Learn to live in the moment by embracing grace, and holding on the hope that is rooted in God’s abundance. What does it mean to be fully ALIVE in Christ? Let’s break down the word: ALIVE. A Seek to become AWARE that you are surrounded in every moment and with every breath by the grace of God. God’s unmerited love and favor will not abandon you. L Know that you are LOVED beyond your ability to comprehend for you were created in God’s beloved image. I Seek to discover ways to be INVOLVED in the work of the Spirit in the life of community. Call someone in your faith community. Pray for one another. V Live VICTORIOUSLY. Live with an abundance of hope. Trust that God holds us during this time of upheaval, and that God will not forsake us. E Make a sacred choice to live with ENTHUSIASM for life. Do not let your circumstances define your outlook, but instead trust God’s vision to make clear a future filled with hope and love. . Today’s inspirational message includes: HOPEFUL LIVING STAY CONNECTED IN GRACE Read...

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